1. City Hall weddings are a lot of fun.

  2. California.

  3. Say hello to PageSix.com, my new home.


  4. "Make something beautiful before you are dead."
    — Steve Roggenbuck
  5. Finding Vivian MaierOne of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a while. A case for the relentless need to document one’s own life, even if it is just for yourself.

  6. … and the 2014 awards show season comes to an end. 


  8. Anonymous asked: After talking about Miley Cyrus, you make a hand gesture at the very end. Is that part of the Satanic symbols that Miley and Lady Gaga occassionally use?

    It’s more Beyoncé meets Alexis Bittar.

  9. Girls in a garden.

  10. Paris: truly the most beautiful light in the universe. 

  11. The Blaze, Croton-on-Harmon, New York, October 2013

  12. Rachel and Benny Tie the Knot, October, 2013

  13. Sometimes the Internet is just too much fun.

  14. Jumping Photos Never Get Old / Denise at Versailles, October, 2013

  15. Kittens, 2013

    (You never know who will show up at People.com … especially when Uber delivers cats for National Cat Day.)