1. Brooke is getting married, 2014

  2. Home is where your garden is.

  3. Four days in Portland, Oregon. 

  4. Zack gets married in Monterey, California, April 2014

  5. Orange Is the New Black actress Jackie Cruz is “dying” to sing in the subway. 

    “I’m dying to sing in the subway. With a box!” she said. “Maybe this summer. I don’t know, I’m so scared because these are real people.”

    Before ‘OITNB,’ actress was fired from Lavo on PageSix.com

  6. This is a story about my dad.

    After 46 years spread across New York and nearby, my father finally decided to make it official: to become an American citizen.

    "Her Father Becomes a Citizen" on City Room at the New York Times

  7. It’s almost summer on the North Fork of Long Island.

  8. Italy: Sorrento, Naples, Ercolano, Rome.


  9. "The essence of intelligence was to know when, or if, to expose even the heart’s deep need for instruction."
    — Colum McCann, TransAtlantic
  10. City Hall weddings are a lot of fun.

  11. California.

  12. Say hello to PageSix.com, my new home.


  13. "Make something beautiful before you are dead."
    — Steve Roggenbuck
  14. Finding Vivian MaierOne of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a while. A case for the relentless need to document one’s own life, even if it is just for yourself.

  15. … and the 2014 awards show season comes to an end.